In our community…

The atmosphere in Telem is of a vibrant place, where young and older families, religious and non-religious, have turned the community into one big integrated family, one social home, just like the pioneer settlers in Telem have dreamed about on those Saturdays on the exposed hill. The panorama is the same endless panorama, the air is the same air, but on that once empty hill now stand flourishing neighborhoods, spacious amusement park, green lungs, and an exciting life for both children and adults.

Telem is a warm and integrated family where anyone and everyone can live their lives the way they see fit, in their own faith and in mutual respect.

Establishment and timeline:

1982-1984 – the settlement breaks ground alongside the civilians

1983 – naturalization ceremony

2002 – a group of Kiryat Arba families join the community

2003 – Netivot Dror Yeshiva is founded

2015-2017 – the community welcomes 20 wonderful young families


Character and religious streams:

A mixed community of religious and non-religious members.


The community in numbers:

The community consists of 80 families and growing.


Facilities and institutions:

Infant and toddler daycare, preschools, synagogue, Mikveh, club, Bnei Akiva branch, youth groups, afterschool activities and classes, library, and school age children attend schools in Kiryat Arba and Kiryat Gat.


Local businesses:

Live-stock farm, a rail production plant, goat pens, and more.



Residents work in and around Mount Hebron, Kiryat Arba, Kiryat Gat and the Judean lowlands area (Shfela) and Jerusalem.


Interesting to Know:

Telem is located at a 20 minutes’ drive from Kiryat Gat, 30 minutes from Jerusalem and 25 minutes from Beit Shemesh.


Community absorption:

Homes for sale: Telem is at its full capacity and with the Lord’s help new housing is expected to be added.


Contact persons:

Miki Harel052-343-9977

Tuli Sheinfeld: 050-522-5354