Corona Update – Education/ No 20


Dear Residents


We are happy to announce that the budget for school buses has been approved and on MONDAY the children in the lower classes will start school.


  • Grades 1-3. On Sunday the teaching staff will prepare to reopen the classes and pupils will start school on Monday.
  • Grades 11-12: will come together in small groups for marathon studies as reinforcement to prepare for the Bagrut examinations. A detailed update will be issued during the week.
  • Special Education: Special education children aged 3-21 will continue their studies in the same format as last week.
  • Children 3-6: will return to nursery schools on 10.5.2020. This will take place subject to the assessment of the situation that will be made.
  • Grades 4-6: a plan for returning to school will be made during the month of May.
  • Day Care and Creches: we are in discussion with the Government offices regarding how and when to reopen them.
  • Kiryat Arba (external students), Kiryat Gat and Meitar will not be reopening schools on Sunday.
  • Appropriate measures for transporting the pupils will be published on Sunday.



Shavua Tov

Har Hevron Spokesperson

Corona Update No. 11

Thursday 26.3/1 Nisan/ 23:00


Dear Residents – For your information

"Clarification of places visited by patients confirmed with Corona*

During the day, the number of confirmed patients rose:


  • Resident of Maon – Eli Alkayam (his information has been published)
  • Resident of Kiryat Arba and a Council employee – Osnat Abu (information published)
  • Resident of Sansana (information published – with no name)
  • Resident of Asael (information published – with no name)
  • Resident of Beit Yatir (information not yet published).


"Total people confirmed positive – as per the dates of diagnosis*


  • Otniel – 1 as of 18.3.2020
  • Sansana – 1 as of 23.3.2020
  • Asael – 1 as of 23.3.2020
  • Asael – 4 as of 25.3.2020
  • Sansana – 2 as of 26.3.2020
  • Maon – 1 as of 26.3.2020
  • Beit Yatir – 2 as of 26.3.2020
  • Total = 13 patients*

The condition of all patients is fair and most are being treated in their homes.


  • The tracking of patients that has been published is the result of the Council's investigative team and relates to the Council areas only and is not instead of the Ministry of Health investigation.
  • Detailed notifications that include the patient's name have been sent to the relevant community. Additionally, the Council team makes sure that it updates residents in the nearby communities who may have been in contact with the patient and for whom it may mean going into isolation.
  • We recommend all residents of the area to check the tracking details that appear on the Council's website: https://www.hrhevron.co.il/1054.
  • Residents who go into isolation are asked to report to the Ministry of the Health and to the Community Coordinator/Secretary.
  • For help, please use the "Hamagen" app that was developed by the Ministry of Health, that provides information regarding exposure to a patient. To download it:
  • https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hamagen.
  • The patients are not to blame for their condition! We appeal to residents to allow us to publish their names. This is part of our mutual responsibility so that we can make the best use of the information and prevent the continued spreading of the disease.
  • The Council's investigative team will continue to work during Shabbat as per the Rabbis' guidelines.
  • Please continue to observe the Ministry of Health's directives for your own sakes and for the whole community!
  • The Council staff together with the community leaders are in touch with all the patients and are helping in any way possible. Dear residents, this is the time to be watchful and to help your friends in the communities who need it.


With best wishes for good health and a speedy recovery


The Har Hevron Spokesperson

Corona Update No. 10

Wednesday 12:30 25.3.2020/28 Adar


Dear Residents


The number of people diagnosed with corona has grown and is putting a great strain on the Ministry of Health's investigative teams. Where, in the first hours of the crisis, results were received within a few hours, today it takes a few days to publish details of who the sick people were in contact with.


In this situation and through a desire to prevent spreading the disease in our communities who are used to high interaction with each other, the Council's professional staff that includes a social worker and another person qualified for this, has decided to carry out an independent and quick investigation.


The investigation will be carried out parallel to the Ministry of Health epidemiology investigation and not instead of it, in order to reduce infection by publishing speedy information regarding who the patient came into contact with and so to put them into isolation, in this way protecting the community.


Cooperation with the sick person is vital and is being done with their full agreement to help, based on the special mutual responsibility here in Har Hevron, for the sake of the health and care of the rest of our community.


The information will be published on the Council's website and a notification will be sent with a detailed update to the various communities.


Below are the details of the sick person whose information is on the website:


On 24.3.2020, we were informed that Elazar Shapiro, a resident of Asael tested positive for the corona virus. Details of the people he was in contact with are on the Council's website:



The names of two more people who tested positive for the virus today will be posted on the website after we have received confirmation and completion of the investigation.


We urge you to listen to and follow the directives of the Ministry of Health. Thank you to all residents who are cooperating with us. The more patients cooperate the more we can preempt and reduce the spread of the disease. Now is the time to show what a strong and cohesive community we are.


With good wishes for a speedy return to health


Yochai Damri

Chair – Har Hevron Regional Council


Monday 22:00 – 27 Adar 23.3.2020


Dear Residents


About 500 people in our communities are as of today in forced isolation, and 3 have been diagnosed with the virus. During the day we received a positive answer regarding a resident of Sansana and of Asael. Their names were published in their communities so as to inform the people they have been in contact with. Their condition is fair, thank goodness, the Council is in touch with them and is helping the leaders of their communities. We wish all 3 a speedy recovery.


Every day the Council's Emergency Committee receives updates and assessment of the situation and we are preparing for the stricter directives that the Government may make to the point of total isolation.



  • Public Transport: it was reported this evening in the media that public transport will be cancelled, and we await official notification from the factories and will update accordingly.
  • Hotline: open from 9:00-16:00 to receive calls on many issues – emotional support, advice from the professionals, calls to the Welfare Department, response on general issues and regarding the corona situation. Feel free to call us on any issue.
  • Communications Infrastructure: Bezek is upgrading the internet infrastructure in Har Hevron to make it faster. The upgrade has so far been completed in Sansana, Meitarim, Shim'a and tomorrow will be completed in Beit Yatir and Sussiya. While these works are going on, there may be outages of up to 10 minutes.
  • Workers: At present, no workers are allowed in the communities, except for essential works approved on a one-to-one basis, as well as on remote building sites.
  • Distribution of food packages to the elderly and to families: This week and next, volunteers in the Welfare Department will distribute 350 packed meals twice a week. If you want to volunteer, please leave details on the Council's website.
  • The Simcha Mobile Unit: Went to 7 communities yesterday, and today and tomorrow will get to all the others. Thank you to residents who came out and danced. We ask you to observe the Ministry of Health directives and keep your children from congregating.
  • Disinfecting public spaces: The Infrastructure Dept has almost completed the first round of disinfecting the public spaces in all the communities; another round will take place soon.
  • Group purchase of masks and alcogel: Further to requests received the secretaries of the communities will be making a large group purchase of hygiene products.
  • Online workshops for parents and children: We are happy to announce that from Wednesday we will broadcast live on the Council's Facebook page professional classes taught by residents – drumming, styling, drawing, story hour etc. This is another step in supporting the Council's local businesses. Follow the advertisements.
  • Libraries: An interesting activity for children has started of writing short stories etc. Follow the "Har Hevron Regional Libraries" Facebook page.
  • Youth: The Youth Department, together with youth leaders in the communities, are holding a community game, volunteer activity, production of video clips, leaflets etc.


You are invited to join the Har Hevron Regional WhatsApp groups to receive regular updates. https://www.hrhevron.co.il/902.

Corona Portal on the Council Website - for information: https://www.hrhevron.co.il/1044

For Ministry of Health directives: http://bit.ly/2VMR0TC, tel: *5400.

Ministry of Health App. Q&A: https://bfctech.life/download-coronaapp/,

To receive emotional support please contact the Council's Social Services Department – by mail to: noal@hrhevron.co.il or by phone 24/7: 02-9969141.

The Council Hotline will operate Sunday-Thursday between 9:00-16:00: 02-9969161.


23 Adar/ 20.3

Dear Residents

The Council staff together with the communities' leaders continue working as per Government ministries guidelines to prevent the spread of the corona virus and are adapting activities to the directives and developments in all the communities.

This morning the Government order came into effect that forbids leaving the house unless absolutely essential. Please observe this directive and stay at home, for the sake of your health.

Some updates:

  • Training medical teams to perform the tests: this week the Council's Dept of Medicine trained 20 paramedics to perform the relevant tests on people suspected of contracting corona, with the help of a doctor from the Ministry of Health. Training this team will enable available and a quick response to those needing the tests. Anyone showing symptoms should request a test through the Ministry of Health center only.
  • Disinfecting the public spaces in the communities Started this morning. The Infrastructure Department has purchased suitable disinfectant: for synagogues, bus stops, playgrounds etc. The substance is not poisonous and will be enough for all the communities. Disinfection will be coordinated with the communities' management. In spite of the disinfection, you should not go into the public spaces.
  • The Council's Services: The Council will continue to operate on a limited basis with no reception hours. During the week we are operating a hotline to help as a preliminary response - see phone number below. Building projects, garbage collection, work on electricity and water, and on the public buildings etc. will continue. The Social Services Department is in constant contact with the special populations and senior citizens to provide support and assistance. The Collections Department will provide ongoing responses by mail and by phone every day from 9:00-13:00. Plenary sessions, the various committees will meet through online connections. The Institute for Child Development is closed.
  • Workers As from Sunday, no Arab workers will be allowed in to work, unless for essential works.
  • Together on the roofs: Special to the communities of the region, the "Mivtsa Simcha" project will be inaugurated this week, to raise morale in these challenging times. Details to be announced.
  • Support for Businesses: The Council is supporting and assisting local businesses in the following ways: postponing payments of the 4/2020 rates to June-July (5-6/2020). Please submit your request on the Council's website: https://www.hrhevron.co.il/1074/.

Advertisements and special offers of businesses should be sent to: https://www.hrhevron.co.il/1065/.

  • Kol Koreh: during the week Kol Koreh advertised that local businesses can run online workshops for payment, to residents. The timetable will be published soon.
  • Public Transport: There will be no buses on Friday and Motzei Shabbat. Services will resume on Sunday morning.
  • Volunteers: Anyone interested in helping senior citizens, families in isolation – please email your details and we will get back to you: osnat@hrhevron.co.il


Corona Portal on the Council Website - for information: https://www.hrhevron.co.il/1044

To receive emotional support please contact the Council's Social Services Department – by mail to: noal@hrhevron.co.il or by phone 24/7: 02-9969141.

The Council Hotline will operate Sunday-Thursday between 9:00-16:00: 02-9969161.


Shabbat Shalom and good health.

The Har Hevron Spokesman

Wednesday 21 Adar/18.3 

Dear Har Hevron residents 

Tonight an Otniel resident was diagnosed as a corona carrier, the first in the Regional Council settlements. She has been hospitalized in fair condition, and we are keeping in touch with her 

During the night the Ministry of Health undertook an investigation to clarify the places where infection may have occurred during the past week. In a conversation with the District Head of the Ministry of Health and the nurse who undertook the investigation, it was agreed that the overall directive to residents who were with her is to go into immediate isolation 

Below is the information of where Patient No. 326 was during that  (the link will be updated in the next few hours when we receive full details from the Ministry of Health)


During discussions with the Ministry of Health the possibility of putting the whole community into isolation was raised, due to the level of exposure of the patient in the community. This is an extreme scenario that we do not want to impose

Therefore, in order not to reach the situation of complete isolation, we must all take personal and communal responsibility to follow all the isolation rules and to keep a social distance as far as possible. This is challenging and very complicated but personal and family responsibility is the order of the hour so as to prevent isolation and mass infection 

The Council is in close contact with the leaders of the community and with the Government offices so as to help in this complex time 

If you have any technical or emotional need, please call the Council's Hotline 02-9969161 or contact the community coordinator and we will do our best to help
With best wishes for good health

Yochai Dimri
Head of the Council

Notice the changes in public transport activity

Tuesday | 17.3 

According to the Ministry of Transport and Health's guidelines, from Tuesday evening (Tuesday) public transport lines will be limited

Today (Tuesday) 17/3 Service Finish on all service lines at 10pm

Wed-Thu 18-19 / 3
Start of service from 5:00 to 20:00 and according to the schedules of the lines

Friday and Saturday
20-21 /3
No public transport will be operated

Also, service on the student and night lines will be canceled.Payment by bus is only via a multi-line prepaid card. No cash payment or charging will be possible with the drivers

Mount Hebron spokesmen


Corona / 4 update

Dear residents,

According to the directive of the Israeli government starting tomorrow (Sunday), the following activities will be canceled: day care centers, kindergartens, lunches, special education, classes, youth movements, veterans' clubs.

The council will continue to provide essential services. According to the Ministry of the Interior's instructions, there will be no reception at the council's offices, telephone and email and online services can be answered at the council's website.
The local containers and market warehouses, a gas station in Kiryat Arba and other essential services will operate normally.

arabs workers: We are in contact with the military and during the evening an update on the issue was issued after a decision was made.

Public transport operates as a series

The Ministry of Health guidelines published in the media and on the Ministry's website can be found on the link >> http://bit.ly/2VMR0TC

For emotional support, you can contact the Social Services Department at the Council by phone: 02-9969141 24/7 to Drive or email >> noal@hrhevron.co.il

Good week and only health

Mount Hebron spokesmen