Shani Livnah

Living in the height of the forest

Shani Livneh is situated in the midst of Yatir forest, at its highest point. This is the largest man-made forest in the world.

The community is undergoing a growth spurt in recent years and as many as 17 families have joined in the past few years.

Our community is caring and involved, its residents contribute daily to its flourishing development, in the community and for the community. Community members enjoy a large variety of bonding family-friendly activities for children and adults as well.

We and our children enjoy community life, uncompromising education and clear as crystal air.


We’re on the map:

Livneh is within driving distance of around 30 minutes from Be’er Sheba, 15 minutes from Meitar, 20 minutes from Arad, 15 minutes from highway 6.


Establishment and timeline:

1981 – settlement breaks ground

1982 – settling temporarily at Yatir

1987 – laying of corner stone and commencing construction of permanent settlement

1989 – populating the permanent settlement housing


Character and religious streams:



The community in numbers:

The community consists of 150 families and growing.


Facilities and institutions:

Youth club, regional seniors club, community center, synagogue, women’s Mikveh, urgent care Maccabi healthcare clinic.

Infant and toddler daycare and a preschool. School age children attend the nearby schools at Meitar (with council organized transportation).


Leisure and quality of life:

  • Old fashioned community life
  • Communal projects and happenings
  • Pool open throughout the summer months
  • A quality library
  • Playground
  • National Youth movement with a communal orientation (grades 3 - 12)



Residents find employment in the medical professions, in education, liberal professions and more.

The nearest employment opportunities are in Be’er Sheba, Arad, Jerusalem, the Dead Sea and their vicinity.


Local businesses:

Naturopathy and nutrition clinic, ceramics studio, building contractors and more.


Interesting to Know:

The community has a very high rate of university graduates.


Community absorption:

Homes for sale:

Shani Livneh is experiencing a surge in development and expansion, there are about 9 new homes in the new neighborhood and about 2 pre-owned homes for sale.


Contact person:

Community and absorption coordinator:

Yosi Shlezinger: 054-244-0581

[email protected]


community office: 08-995-4298

[email protected]

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