The community is located in the beautiful Oranim forest which is a focal point which attracts many visitors and bicyclists. All lots for permanent housing construction were bought and many families are on a waiting list for caravans soon to arrive.

The reason for this great demand is the fact that this is a diverse community which succeeds to live modestly and respectfully, to be productive and to contribute in all walks of life. The community has a foothold on the Green Line, it organizes activities in order to unify and bring together the different aspects of the Israeli society, it produces culture on the border between mountain and desert and it teaches Ahavat Yisrael, its land and its Torah. And it all started with a dream to contribute to the settlement, which realized thanks to the will, the hopes and aspirations, and mostly thanks to actions.


Establishment and timeline:

1996 – Sansana core settlement formed

1999 – first families move into the community

2001 – paving an access road to the community

2005 – start of permanent housing construction

2007 – building “Tayelet Ha Akhim”


Character and religious streams:



The community in numbers:

The community consists of 90 families and growing.


Facilities and institutions:

Infant daycare, preschools, synagogue, Mikveh for women and men, youth club, afterschool activities for children, library, anthroposophical grade school and a grade school in Susya.


Local businesses:

Architectural company, holistic healing.



Architectural company, and many residents of the liberal professions find employment in the region.


Interesting to Know:

Sansana is located 15 minutes from Be’er Sheba and 15 minutes from highway 6.

Its promenade, Tayelet Ha Akhim, is host to many events and happenings. The guest house in Sansana is home to the hikers on the Shvil Yisrael track that runs nearby. It was donated by the family of one of the residents. A charity project ran by locals is the musical group “A’ale BaTamar” which accompanies wedding celebrations for free.


Community absorption:

Homes for sale or rent: currently there are caravans for rent, but no homes or lots for sale.


Contact persons:

Zohar Asher: 0523934504 | [email protected]

Segev Yinon: 052-945-5594


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