Negohot, for all the right reasons: a young and familial community. A genuine quality of life in a serine and magical place where you have the ability to build your home.

The view from Negohot is wide-ranging which well relays its location atop Mount Hebron. As Negohot towers from the east, lays Hevel Lakhish region like a carpet to its foothills to the west.

The community is very diverse. A pleasant adult community with a constant absorption of younger members on the rise. An idealistic principled community.


We’re on the map:

Highway 358 brings easy access to Negohot from the north, west and south as it connects the communities of Lakhish and Be’er Sheba with highway 6 which is nearby to the north and south. Negohot is about 30 minutes from Be’er Sheba, Kiryat Gat and Kiryat Arba and about 20 minutes from highway 6.


Establishment and timeline:

1982 – Negohot Nahal settlement is established

1998 – civilians begin to join the community

2002 – building the permanent housing neighborhood

2010 – setting up Amna homes

2014 – stage 1 construction of “Bne Beit’ha”

2015 – stage 2 construction of “Bne Beit’ha”

2016 – stage 3 construction of “Bne Beit’ha”


Character and religious streams:



The community in numbers:

The community consists of 50 families and growing.


Facilities and institutions:

Infant daycare, two preschools, school children attend the grade school at Otniel, Bnei Akiva branch, Mikveh, afternoon Talmud Torah, library, playground, function hall.


Local businesses:

Entrepreneurs mainly in the realms of agriculture: olive groves for the production of oil, vineyards for wine and honey harvesting in the industrial area facility. There is also a software developing company by the name of “Trumot Net” which aims to optimize the work of different nonprofit organizations.



Members of Negohot deal in different trades and occupations in Mount Hebron, Beit Shemesh, Be’er Sheva, Jerusalem, kiryat Gat and Ashkelon.


Interesting to Know:

Negohot is home to “Midreshet Negohot” seminary which combines a meaningful national service in the southern towns and cities together with Torah studies in thr evenings.


Community absorption:

The community is experiencing a growth spurt. In the past few years three housing projects have been built and populated. Currently several lots are being prepared for private homes construction at excellent prices. The community also has housing units and caravans for rent.

Homes for sale: in stage 2 there is one lot available and in stage 3 there are 12 units being prepared.


Contact person:

Shira Gilad: 054-775-8997

[email protected]

Click here for Negohot’s Facebook page

Community secretary:

Bruchi Bernstein: 052-286-3079

[email protected]

Negohot main: 02-960-5188


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