Maon is a dynamic, warm and cohesive community, which endeavours to provide each community member their own space and yet still create a ‘one big family’ atmosphere. This is a community striving to put education, caring and sensitivity at its highest priority. Maon community is focused on a life of love and gratitude, connecting to the mountain and the desert in creativity, in toil and in agriculture.


Establishment and timeline:

1981 – Maon Nahal core settlement inception

1982 – the community was naturalized by Susya and turned civilian

1983 – “Tzviel” core settlement joins Maon community

1985 – building the first neighborhood of prefabricated homes

1986 – paving the road to Maon and beginning construction of first permanent housing          neighborhood

1994 – founding Machon Reshit

1995 – setting up Maon-Carmel dairy farm

1997 – setting up “Maon Farm”

1999 – inaugurating the new synagogue at Maon


Character and religious streams:



The community in numbers:

The community consists of 106 families and growing.


Facilities and institutions:

Infant daycare, preschools, afternoon Torah study for all ages, library, play space for preschool children and one for school age children, a large new playground, Bnei Akiva branch, youth club, synagogue and Mikveh.


Local businesses:

Agriculture, orchards, chicken coops, dairy farm, field crops, art studio.



Teachers, social workers, nurses, military standing army officers. Places of employment are in part in the region and others are farther away in the vicinity of Jerusalem and Be’er Sheba. Maon is home to students of various engineering areas, studying around Jerusalem and the south of Israel.


Interesting to Know:

Maon is home to a unique integration of both young and more established families.


Community absorption:

Homes for rent: permanent homes and caravans. Stage 2 is soon to start.


Contact person:

Yifah Polak: 058-600-1030

[email protected]


Community secretary:

Shaltiel Chik: 052-899-0274

Maon main: 02-996-3096

[email protected]



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