The heart of the mountain

Here in Carmel, in the lower slopes of the Judean Mountains adjacent to the desert, we experience a life combined of rocky mountain and soft desert, of clear mountain air and the caressing dry desert air. Here live in harmony young and old, scholars and scientists alongside land workers, Torah scholars alongside men and women of action.


Establishment and timeline:

1978 – core settlement inception at Kiryat Arba Yeshiva

1979 – consolidation and agricultural training in Atzmona

1980 – the core settlers move to Arad

1981 – Nahal soldiers form the settlement

         – settlement moves from Arad to Carmel

         – naturalization ceremony

1982 – planting orchards in Yatir forest

1983 – building the first neighborhood of prefabricated homes

1986 – paving Carmel – Beit Yatir road

1986-1989 – setting up the first permanent neighborhood

1995 – inaugurating the new synagogue

2001 – establishing Yeshiva Reuta

2013 – inaugurating a new synagogue and function hall

2016 – establishing a community center

2017 – expansion of Dagan neighborhood


Character and religious streams:

Communal religious


The community in numbers:

The community consists of 103 families and growing.


Facilities and institutions:

Preschools, daycare facilities, school children attend Susya grade school,  synagogue, Mikveh, Beit Midrash, function hall, afternoon childcare, after school classes and activities center, library, Bnei Akiva group, youth club, healthcare clinic and a community center.


Local businesses:

Yeshiva Reuta, “Herbs of Kedem” plant, accounting office, Dataflow company offices, Nevatim offices, Livni boutique vineyards, alternative health treatments, catering, and more.



Agriculture, education, industry and liberal professions.


Interesting to Know:

More than 20% of the residents are comprised of second-generation members.


Community absorption:

Optional immediate rentals: 3 homes and 3 caravans

Homes for sale: 2 new homes for immediate populating and 30 for 2021 entry.


Contact person:

Yechiam Dahan: 054-439-9733

[email protected]


Community secretary:

Yaron Gabai: 050-771-4312

[email protected]


Carmel main: 02-996-3101

[email protected]






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