Teneh Omarim

Teneh Omarim, pleased to meet you.

Teneh Omarim is a cooperative community where non-religious, religious and traditional Jews, young couples and established families, all live together in harmony. This large involved and caring community is constantly aspiring to improve its general quality of life, both social and personal. The human tapestry of the community and the personal background of each and every family contribute to its unique diverse character which provides everyone with their own special place here, whether culturally or in the education of the younger generation.


We’re on the map:

Teneh is in the heart of the Negev and within easy access:

7 minutes from Meitar

10 minutes from Shoket intersection

10 minutes from Highway 6

20 minutes from Be’er Sheba


The community overlooks Nahal Hevron creek on its north and is adjacent to the forests that surround it – Sansana forest, Yatir forest, Meitar forest, and more.

Teneh has many charming spots from which one can enjoy the beautiful primordial desert landscape all around. The weather is quite comfortable and there is a pleasant breeze virtually all year long!


Establishment and timeline:

1983 – “Nahal Omarim” settlement broke ground

1984 – The settlement was naturalized, and 8 caravans took place on the ground

1986 – Launch of permanent housing construction

2005 – Following government Disengagement Plan implementation, more than 20       families from          Morag in Gush Katif, and other communities near the Gaza strip          were absorbed in Teneh.


Character and religious streams:

A mixed community of religious and non-religious members.


The community in numbers:

The community consists of 170 families and growing.


Facilities and institutions:

Government supervised infant daycare facility for ages 0 – 3 divided into specific age groups with high level caretakers, a qualified team, management and supervision of excellent quality. Three preschools – a state multi-age preschool and two religious dual-age preschools. All of these are located in highly maintained buildings which adds to the exceptional learning atmosphere.

Teneh Omarim’s school aged children go to either secular or religious grade schools in Otniel or Susya. Older students attend the Meitar high school. For all these, daily organized transportation is available.

Other facilities include a youth club, an adults’ recreational club, a healthcare clinic and a synagogue.


Culture and leisure:

The community runs an active library, a Gymboree, a small petting zoo, a gym and a wonderful pool which is active all summer long. There is also a variety of afternoon classes and cultural activities all year long for all ages.

Bnei Akiva and the National Youth movements are also active in the community.


Interesting to Know:

Pursuant to government ruling the residents are entitled to a tax break of 7%.


Community absorption:

Contact person:

Iris Cohen: 054-777-5194

[email protected]

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Community secretary:

Ari Udes: 054-568-4810

[email protected]


Omarim main: 08-651-2045

[email protected]


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