Beit Yatir

Settling down in a different atmosphere.

Yatir is a simple familial quality community. One visit is worth a thousand words.

Yatir community consists of around 100 families, both young and established ones, forming a vibrant and active community together. Yatir is characterized by a warm connection between the families and mutual caring and concern. The residents are assimilated in the community’s undertakings and in the different committees, such as: culture, absorption, religion, etc. and there is always room for more initiatives of all sorts.


We’re on the map:

18 minutes from Arad, 45 minutes from Be’er Sheba, 25 minutes from Kiryat Arba, 53 minutes from Jerusalem.



The community was established Tu B’Av 1979, the first one in Mount Hebron. At first the core settled at the Judean Lucifer fortress located at the highest point of southern Mount Hebron, and over time the settlement expanded onto its foothills.

The settlement was founded as a communal cooperative which operates like a kibbutz, and later became privatized and opened its doors to nonmember families who, overtime, became part and parcel of the community. Nowadays the cooperative members constitute a third of the residents of Beit Yatir.


Character and religious streams:

Religious, communal.


The community in numbers:

The community consists of 100 families and growing.


Facilities and institutions:

Two synagogues (Ashkenazi and Sephardic), women’s Mikveh, men’s Mikveh, grocery store, ‘Maccabi’ healthcare facility including babies’ follow up care, a youth club, infant daycare and preschool for all ages and morning and afternoon childcare.



Grade school and middle school children study at the nearby Susya Regional School (with shuttles ran by the Council). Additional educational facilities can be found at Susya, Otniel, Kiryat Arba, Be’er Sheba and Dimona, as well as Ulpanas at Kiryat Arba, Arad, Dimona and Neve Hanna. The community incorporates a pre-military preparatory academy.


Culture and leisure:

Torah studies, Talmud Torah, cultural undertakings, a Bnei Akiva branch, an afterschool rec room, a Gymboree, a quality library, youth activities and afterschool classes.



Part of the community’s residents work at different agricultural branches, some others deal in education in the many educational institutions in the region, and yet many others of the liberal professions work in the region and the surrounding communities – Be’er Sheba, Meitar, Kiryat Arba, Gush Etzion, Jerusalem, Arad and Dimona.


Local businesses:

A horse farm operated in correspondence with the Montessori principles, a diverse agricultural infrastructure consisting of dairy farms, chicken coops, vineyards and orchards.


Interesting to Know:

An electric turbine windmill was built in the community in order to saddle the strong winds in the area, but several malfunctions and causes have brought the project to a halt, causing it to fail.

Community absorption:

40 housing units are currently under construction.


Contact person:

Yochi Smotrich: 052-890-3774

[email protected]

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