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The community is located at a beautiful hilltop 614 meters above sea level, overlooking a spectacular panoramic view. Eshkolot is a secular community of some 140 families, which falls within the jurisdiction of the Mount Hebron Regional Council. It is based on financially independent family units which operate as a communal cooperative association according to the Cooperative Societies Regulations.

Eshkolot residents enjoy active cultural and community services and a fine range of educational institutions, both formal and informal, of excellent quality.


We’re on the map:

Eshkolot is situated in the south-western foothills of Mount Hebron, 5 kilometers east of Kibbutz Lahav and within 15 kilometers from Le’havim and Omer. It is at a radius of 10 kilometers from Dvira intersection and highway 6 interchange, as well as 24 kilometers from Be’er Sheba.



Eshkolot was established in 1982 as a Nahal settlement and turned into a civilian community on August 21, 1991, named Eshkolot (Hebrew for ‘clusters’) after the “Enab Al Kabeer” grapes which were grown in the region and the nearby ruins of “Khirbat Al Kabeer”.

At its inception the community consisted of a core of 12 families and later other families joined and continue to join until this day, developing and growing in the rural regions of the western slopes of Mount Hebron.


Character and religious streams:

Secular community.


The community in numbers:

The community is home to 140 families and growing.


Facilities and institutions:

The community enjoys a diverse, high standard formal and informal education system: daycare, preschool, after school childcare, and school children study at the adjacent community of Meitar.

The community has – a synagogue, a Mikveh, a gym, playgrounds, youth club, sports fields, parks and more.


Culture and leisure:

The community hosts a vast array of extracurricular activities, as well as a youth movement, a toddler Gymboree, a communal theatre and a library within which many cultural activities for children, youths and adults can be found.

Community life in Eshkolot is diverse and plentiful. Ceremonies and Holiday communal events are but a few of the occasions celebrated during the year.



Eshkolot residents find employment outside of their community and are either self employed or salaried, including the liberal professions.


Community absorption:

The community is currently experiencing a growth spurt in construction and development in its western extensions.


Eshkolot – Living in Endless Landscape

In Eshkolot you will feel as if vacationing all year round. You will experience the calming pastoral ambiance of nature at the end of a hard day’s work, you will ensure quality education for your children and enjoy a high quality of life, quite literally.


Contact persons:

Ronit Gamliel: 054-788-6793

[email protected]

Eli Banai: 054-497-8989

Eshkolot main: 08-623-8933

[email protected]


Community secretary:

Yaniv Miles: 050-846-3226

[email protected]


For further information and absorption possibilities, please visit our website at –

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