Abigail is experiencing an upsurge in growth and in family absorption lately.

We are thrilled at the human diversity in the community and interested in expanding it.

The community is now accepting families as well as singles, both religious and non-religious.


We’re on the map:

The community is located just 25 minutes from Arad, 35 minutes from Be’er Sheba, 50 minutes from Jerusalem.



Abigail was established on the eve of Yom Kippur 2001 by several recently discharged single soldiers. In order to ensure the location as the pith of the Jewish community in Mount Hebron, they placed a bus to use as a home, and a water tower.

Every Saturday residents of neighboring communities would send the young founders hot meals and enough men to form a Minyan. The first family arrived within two years.

Until three years ago, the community only received its electric power through a generator and the residents learned how to manage and save on electricity so as not to overload the system.


Character and religious streams:

Religious, but accepting non-religious as well, with the intent of becoming an integrated mixed community.


The community in numbers:

The community is now home to 40 families.


Facilities and institutions:

Infant daycare and preschool, after school activities center, library, game space, synagogue, Mikveh. School children attend a Susya school.



Education, music, art, engineering, medicine, armed forces and students. Various employment and school possibilities from Be’er Sheba to Jerusalem.


Interesting to know:

Four years ago, two of the residents, Elisha Madan and David Recanati, built a delightful nook with a pool, greenery and sitting areas.

This oasis has been recently expanded and renovated and has been attracting many visitors from all over the country.

Admission fee is only 5 shekel per person.


Population absorption:

Homes for rent: the community has Amana caravans for rent only.


Contact person: Nadav Cohen – 052-566-5133

Community offices: 02-9963096

Community secretary: Shaltiel Chik – 02-996-3096




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